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About Moi

Hello, ever since I was a child I have always had a fascination with cameras. I remember playing with my dad’s old Konica and hearing the clinks, the clacks, and the actuation of the release button. I would take pictures of anything and everything from the neighborhood cat, to my mom's house plants and even an ant crossing the sidewalk. It didn't matter what it was, I purely enjoyed the mechanics of capturing an image. 

To this day, nothing has changed. I don't have a specialty or a genre of photography that I gravitate to more than others. People have always told me I need to have a niche but I simply enjoy and love it all. 

I maintain a traditional approach to my photography. I sculpt the image with light to create highlights and shadows, relying on as little photoshop as possible. This has allowed me to be a well-rounded photographer. 


Although I have been fortunate to have owned many businesses and worked in multiple corporate settings, my true passion lies in photography. It is a life of exploration and constant discovery. In many ways, I am still learning and that is why I love photography.
No matter where life takes me, a camera will always be by my side to capture the moment. 

I hope we can work together. Let’s get in touch! 

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